Auction Rules

    Additional Auction Rules for Moores Auctions

    Apart from all normal Auction Rules:

    The Moores home page and the corresponding auction pages will be visible ONLY after:
     - prior log in at the normal auction home page;
     - pressing the special Moores button that appears only then to the right of that page after logging in.

    Auctions will be announced by email as usual once they are visible, usually 2 days ahead of the auction start.

    All payments must be made (preferably) by wire transfer to a special Bank account or (for smaller amounts and only from non euro countries) to a special Paypal account. Details will be communicated to winners with the invoices. Other ways of payments only after explicit agreement with the auction administrator.

    Large lots of IPP-17, IPP-19 and/or IPP-23 exchange puzzles (and possibly other larger lots) will be mailed separately from other puzzles and (probably) also some days later.

    Payment options:

    Classics options are wire transfer (bank account to bank account), personal check (within USA only), and Paypal (originally intended for Ebay payments, including a kind of buyer protection). No doubt, there are more services and each has its own (dis)advantages.
Recently, Paypal introduced a new service, named Xoom (see: https://www.xoom.com) that seems to be competitive with wire transfers for amounts up to some USD 1500 and (unlike normal Paypal and like wire transfers) does not offer any kind of 'buyer protection' with the corresponding extra fee.
This information is based on just one transaction from one particicannt in these auctions. The payment arrived without delay and without any problem or fees at this end; the corresponding sender was very happy with this service.

  Other services may be worth investigating: https://transferwise.com or https://www.ofx.com which allow payments at a seemingly competitive rate.

  In short: it may be worthwhile for you to investigate these and perhaps also other services.

Last updated: October 4, 2017       © 2017 Jacques Haubrich