The John Moores Puzzle Collection

The puzzle collection of the late John Moores comprises some 1700 puzzles. His heirs prefer to sell the entire collection. The puzzles were, are being or will be sold in these auctions.

The following books are still available for a direct sale ...

Abbott, RobertSuper Mazes
Boardman, AllanPuzzle Projects for Woodworkers
BotermansMatchstick Puzzles (Sterling Publ Co, 2006)
Coffin, StewartAP-ART 2003
Coffin, StewartGeometric Puzzle Designs (AK Peters, 2007)
Coffin, StewartThe Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections, Oxford U.P., 1990)
Coffin, StewartPuzzle Instructions & Ephemera
DudeneyThe Canterbury Puzzles, London, William Heinemann, 1907
Follette, James W.New Wood Puzzle Designs
Gardner, MartinMore Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions (Penguin, 1966)
WHoffmann, HordernWHoffmann's Puzzle Old & NewW
IshidoThe Way of Stones - Instruction Manual
KarakuriAkio Kamei Artwork
Loyd, SamSam Loyd's book of tangrams
Read, Ronald C.Tangrams 330 Puzzles (Dover, 1965)
Slocum, BotermansNew Book of Puzzles
Slocum The Tangram Book
Slocum, BotermansPuzzles Old & New
Slocum, BotermansThe Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles
Slocum, GebhartThe Anchor Puzzle Book
Slocum, GebhartPuzzles from Catel's Cabinet and Bestelmeier's Magazine
Wang Zon YiThe Amazing Rope-Rings (Illustrated Designs of 50 Intellectual Rope-Ring Toys), 2003
Wyatt E.M.Puzzles in Wood (Fox Chapel, 2007)
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