Tuesday, 26 May 2020

No change at all for parcels to the USA: after 5 full weeks, track & trace still says "Sent to the country of destiniation".
They don't tell what that exactly means. "On their way by rowboat"? Or more likely: "waiting for a plane that carries them over the ocean?"
But for this 'extra' service, they do charge extra. It is a strange world when big companies can grab more money and do nothing in return.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The first parcel with a US destination has arrived. Unfortunately, there is no chage in the status of all other parcels.
Postal delivery in France seems to be more or less back to normal, so the first parcel to France will go en route.
Except for the information provided on the tracking site, information transparency is still well below standard: parcel "sent to country of destination" have that same status for almost a month and there is no official information about what this means. Also the customers service is almost impossible to reach and as always, they say they have no further information. Too bad.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Between April 21 and April 30, I sent off 22 parcels to different countries.

To the USA:
Only 1 parcel is reportedly on US soil; all others are officially "sent to country of destination" which might very well mean "still on an airport waiting for a plane that can carry them over the big pond".

To the UK:
Several parcels were delivered in a few days, but some are still 'somewhere' (meaning unspecified) in the process.

To Europe mainland destinations:
All shipped parcels were delivered, though some up to a week later than normal. This includies countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden, Hungary and Italy. All parcels to France are on hold as requested by their winners.

To the far East:
Only one parcel, which was delivered in exactly 1 week time. Even faster than most times in the past.

The extra postage as required by PostNL for US bound parcels is in clear contrast to the provided service: after a month, all but one parcels are still "sent to country of destination" (eufemism for "not yet sent off") so the extra postage as charged by PostNL because of "extra transportation costs", seems a waste of money.

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