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 Covering surfaces
with pentominoes
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All good things come to an end.
So do puzzle auctions. Was it caused by Covid or otherwise, international parcel mail definitely didn't change to more reliably or better service and neither did customs delays, import duties, taxes and so on. Apart from that, my age kept increasing and my health decreasing, so after a total of 46 puzzle auctions, I had to make a final decision: auction-36. (please note the period!) willl not be followed by any new auction(s). End of an era.
As a consequence, this website is going to suddenly disappear at some point before the end of 2021 and so will disappear all associated e-mail addresses.

Past auctions too will disappear from this website but they won't be lost! To see all my past auctions and/or to search for specific details in them, please have a look HERE.
That website was created with my full help and explicit permission using my original database, and it is the only one. Any other webiste that may offer similar information about my past auctions would do so without my permission and should be considered illegal. Too bad, but such things do hoppen in the internet.

 Catalog of some 
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